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See answers to our customers’ most frequently asked questions

How much does it cost per meter?

The cost of our solution depends on two factors:

  1. the length of the perimeter you want to protect.
  2. the number of clamps needed to apply it to the module profile.

As is evident, the cost of the barrier varies depending on the geometry of the solar array, so we recommend that you contact us in order to receive a customized quote.

What do you need to provide me with a quote?

To get an accurate custom quote, we recommend that you tell us the address of the facility so we can view it on Google Maps and some detail photos.

Do you ship throughout Italy?

Yes, we ship with contracted couriers throughout Italy, including islands, in 24/48 hours.

I have seen other cheaper solutions made of plastic on the market, why should I choose Isidoro®?

Our bird barrier is specifically designed to ensure the inviolability of your solar panels. It will protect them throughout their life and to preserve all the operating characteristics of the PV system.

That is why our product is made of stainless steel, the only material that can meet these requirements.

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Is the Isidoro® bird barrier tax deductible?

You can deduct the expenses incurred only if made concurrently with the installation of the photovoltaic system.

What material is your bird deterrent made of?

Our bird barrier is stainless. it is made of stainless steel to ensure the protection of your PV system for life.

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Is the space between each comb tooth sufficient to prevent intrusion of even the smallest birds?

The distance between comb teeth is 2 cm, a specially designed measure To protect  effectively the plant from the intrusion of all birds. It also ensures natural ventilation of the solar panels without compromising their operation.

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What warranty do you provide on the product?


Il nostro dissuasore anti piccioni è realizzato in acciaio inox, per questo offriamo una garanzia fino a 25 anni.

Leggi di più sulle caratteristiche dei componenti

What is needed to install the Isidoro® bird barrier?

A common 6mm hexagon head Allen wrench is all that is needed to install the Isidoro® anti bird system.
The use of gloves during installation is recommended.

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Do I need screws or silicone glue to attach it to my panels?

No, the Isidoro® barrier is applied to the module frame without screws or silicone glue.

It is installed by special clamps that do not compromise the guarantees of solar panel manufacturers.

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Can the Isidoro® bird barrier be installed independently?

Certainly yes!

Our anti bird solution is specifically designed to make installation very easy. It should be considered that the use of appropriate personal protective equipment is essential for working on roofs.

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Is it necessary to clean the PV system before installing the Isidoro® bird barrier?

Before applying the bird deterrent, it is essential to remove any nesting present within the solar perimeter to be protected.

Do you have local installers or dealers?

Isidoro® System employs a network of qualified installers capable of serving all provinces of Italy, including the islands.

Do you want to know the nearest installer? Contact us!

Can I install Isidoro® anti bird barrier on any type of tile?

The Isidoro® bird deterrent is universal, so it naturally adapts to any type of roof.

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Can I install the Isidoro® bird barrier on any type of photovoltaic panel?

The Isidoro® bird deterrent is designed to be applied to  any type of solar module, with frame heights between 30mm and 50mm.

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How to do if the frame of my PV panel is black?

We have clamp models  Black, specially created for PV panels with black frames, so as to allow maximum aesthetic integration.

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My solar system is particularly elevated above the roof, can I protect it with Isidoro® bird barrier?

Isidoro® bird barrier can protect all solar panel installations.
The most commonly used model, with a height of 16 cm, covers almost all solar systems, while for larger sizes we have specific versions.

For further clarification, please do not hesitate to contact us!

Can it also be used to protect solar thermal panels?

Thanks to specially designed clamps, Isidoro® bird barrier can also be used to protect the perimeter of thermal collectors.

Do you have after-sales support?

Of course!

Our Technical Staff is always available to provide any information necessary for proper installation of the bollard, so as to ensure the protection of the PV system.

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You choose the method you prefer!

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