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Bird Blocking Solution for Photovoltaic Panels

The only bollard that can permanently prevent birds from nesting under PV panels.

  • Permanently wards off all birds
  • Warranty up to 25 years
  • Quick and easy installation

Protect your solar panels from birds today!

Warranty sticker for up to 25 years

Guaranteed up to 25 years

Infestation of pigeons, blackbirds, swallows and other birds is an issue that many buildings with PV systems face, especially in city centers.

Thanks to the bird deterrent comb Isidoro ® System, which is extremely adaptable to the roof pitch, your solar or photovoltaic panels will be safe from pest birds.


Isidoro® System is a definitive and inviolable barrier.

Thanks to our bird-blocking system, pigeons, blackbirds, sparrows, etc. will no longer be able to access and nest under your solar panels and will thus be discouraged from roosting on the roof.


Isidoro® System will protect your solar panels forever.

Isidoro® System’s strong and stainless materials make our anti-volatile system indestructible and durable, which is why we can guarantee it for up to 25 years.


Isidoro® System is mounted to solar panels in a quick and easy way.

Our universal attachment system makes it suitable for all types of solar panels.

The combs and clamps are easily adjustable, and maintenance of the system is also very simple.


Isidoro® System does not require the use of complicated tools

No need for complicated tools or glues, which could damage your solar panels.

An Allen screwdriver is all that is needed to adjust the anti-volatile system on all kinds of PV systems and roof tiles.

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Our bird barrier for photovoltaic panels is the most effective and easiest solution to mount for protecting your system.

Bird blocker for photovoltaic systems

There are several solutions on the market to protect a PV system from the presence of birds. Some are palliatives that solve the problem only temporarily, some are risky for solar panels, and some are difficult to install.

Owners and installers of PV systems who have to deal with the inconvenience caused by the presence of pigeons, doves, blackbirds and other birds know this well.

25 year warranty for basic series
Top Series

Ideal for mounting on bird-infested PV systems

High-strength barrier designed to permanently prevent birds from entering and nesting under solar panels.

Basic Series

Ideal for preventing bird infestation on new PV systems

Medium-strength barrier designed for installation on solar systems not yet infested with birds.

10 year warranty for basic series
made in italy

Registered trademark and Made in Italy

Our bird barrier Isidoro®System is a registered trademark and produced entirely in Italy.

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